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Barley soup
Vegetable soup
Penne with cream, tomato and mushrooms
Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli
Penne Spaghetti with Bolognaise sauce
Penne Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Spicy minced sausage with polenta
Mixed stewed mushrooms with polenta
Melted cheese with Polenta
Mixed platter: sausage melted cheese
Piatto Popera: sausage, melted cheese mushrooms and polenta
Frankfurters with mustard and sauerkraut or potatoes
Fried eggs with speck

Frtli d pmi e Zpi dal Cumlgu
Apple fritters and bread fritters

Apple Strudel
Sacher Cake
Linzer Cake
Yogurt served with wild berries

"Al Ms"
"Ms" is a savoury and velvety polenta cooked with milk and cornflour and served with melted butter and ricotta cheese with chives. It's usually eaten as an entre and dunked
in a cup of milk or wine.
The people from the village of Casamazzagno,
the village from which our family comes from,
were actually once called: "Kei dal Ms"
because this dish was part of their staple diet

Men della conquista del Passo della Sentinella
First War World

Bean soup
Penne Mascabroni

Piatto dell'Alpino: "pastel" bean and polenta
Stew with polenta or potatoes

....and to finish an grappa in cheerfulness....

...."e par fni n gzu de sgnp n legr"....

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