3 alpini
3 alpini

Equipped trails

Numerous equipped trails and aided paths, among the most beautiful and numerous in the whole Comelico, gravitate around the Berti refuge and can be reached with short uphill paths. For the more passionate, the refuge is the ideal place to stay and refresh yourself in an experience of several days, from which to leave, early on, for the crags.

In addition to offering you all the comfort of the rooms and the authenticity of the cuisine, we are always available to help you plan mountaineering days suitable for you and your needs and to support you in case you encounter any problems with mountain equipment. We want you to be able to tackle the journey in total confidence and safety.

Strada degli alpini

connection to the Comici Hut and the Carducci Hut

Ss: Path 101

Total: h 5.00 

Difficulty: medium 

The equipped trail largely follows the paths aided by the Alpine troops during the First World War that start from the Sentinella Pass, a place of historical interest that marked the Italian-Austrian border at the time, where you can still visit a cave used by soldiers as a deposit for guns and artillery and many remnants of the war are still visible. Already adapted in the 1930s as a tourist route, it does not present great technical difficulties except in the early periods of the season due to the presence of snow in the section from Forcella Undici to Passo della Sentinella. However, it is possible to avoid this part with an alternative route, for information contact the hut (0435 67155).

From the hut (table) follow in a north-west direction taking path 101, slightly uphill, and reach first the small lake of Vallon Popera (mt. 2142) and then the Passo della Sentinella (mt. 2717 maximum altitude) continuing to the left for gravels (h 2.00). Slightly to the left, along detrital ledges and rocks equipped with fixed ropes, you will then descend slightly to the ledges of the north walls of Cima Undici which will lead you in a suggestive environment towards the Cima Undici saddle (2630 m) (1.30 h).
Then go down the gravels reaching the ledges of Busa di Fuori and Torre Undici with the famous and spectacular passage of the “Cengia Salvezza”. Once you arrive at the Busa di Dentro circus, continue uphill to the Giralba fork (2430 m) (1.30 am) (total 5.00 am).
Continuing to the left along path 103 you will arrive at the Carducci Hut, and right along the path 101 to the Comici Hut, the Pian di Cengia Hut, the Locatelli Hut and the Auronzo Hut at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, or you can continue downhill to the Val Fiscalina-Sesto Pusteria. 

Equipped Trails Zandonella to the Croda Rossa 1st - 2nd section

Departure: Berti Hut

Approach: Passo della Sentinella Cavernette path 101 h 2.00

Ferrata: Croda Rossa trail marker   h 2.00

Return: Berti Hut (Equipped trail Zandonella 2nd section) h 3.00
descent to Prati Croda Rossa by via ferrata north h 3.00

Total: 7.00 am

Difficulty: medium 

The Zandonella equipped trail, dedicated to the brothers Mario and Giuliano, mountaineers of CAI Comelico, built in the years 1978-1979, retraces the ascent routes of the Alpine troops during the First World War to reach and supply the positions at high altitude. Medium difficulty route on solid and clean rock, divided into two sections with departure and arrival near the Sentinella Pass, allows you to reach the summit of the Croda Rossa (2936 m), one of the most panoramic peaks of the entire Popera group with visions of the Comelico Valley, the Sesto Valley, the border ridge and the Austrian Alps.

From the hut (table), take path 101 towards the North-West, slightly uphill until you reach the small lake of Vallon Popera (2142 m), then continue left along the gravels towards Passo Sentinella. At about 200 meters from the pass on the right (2550 meters), you can see the visible war caves (start of the ferrata 2620 meters) (2.00 hours).
Right, with signpost, you will find the equipped trail, at times exposed, which, through solid and well-stepped rocks, with fixed ropes and some jumps equipped with stairs, will lead you to the collar ledge of the Torrioni (2830 meters) where you can observe some interesting works of war. Here cross the channel from the U fork along the detrital ledge to the right and, having crossed the Ventaglio, reach the rocks of the Trapezium. On the left, following a gully and a crest saddle, you will meet the fixed ropes of the North equipped trail, coming from the Prati di Croda Rossa. For these, in short, you will reach the large wooden cross of the Observatory (2939 m) (various Austrian war works) (h 2.00, total h 4.00). 
Descend slightly from the ridge in a south-easterly direction (arrow) to the first ropes of the 2nd trunk. Through steps and slabs, sometimes vertical and exposed on solid and clean rock, you descend, by fixed rope, to the gravelly basin of the Eastern Circus. Then follow, slightly downhill to the right, following the red trail and signs on gravel and snow (at the beginning of the season) to the base of the Guglie walls from where, for a fixed rope, slightly uphill towards the marked fork A, you will reach the ledge that cuts the south wall of the 1st Spire (numerous caves and works of war) (approx. 2700 m). Thanks to the aerial ledge, you will soon reach fork B, from where you can descend into the 2nd gully via some aided steps. Then, through the mobile gravels of the steep gully, passing a short distance from the start of the 1st trunk,

Alternative : From the cross of the Observatory go down to the north side following the Austrian war routes, partly equipped with fixed ropes. It then passes through the West Circus, the North Circus and the Castelliere and, in about two hours, you will reach the shelters in the Prati di Croda Rossa (1910m) and the cable car coming from Moso (Sesto Pusteria). 

Gabriella Ledge

continuation of the Roghel equipped trail, with connection to the Carducci Hut

Approach: for the fork of the Guglie – Btg.Cadore bivouac sent.109 – h 1.00

Ferrata: h 3.30

Return: through the Giralba valley to Auronzo and the Carducci Hut

Total: 7.30 am (including the two equipped trails Roghel and Cengia Gabriella)

Difficulty: medium

The Gabriella ledge, longer but less demanding than the Roghel equipped trail, leaves room for wide, unique and suggestive panoramas.
The itinerary that includes the two via ferratas, together with the Strada degli Alpini, allows you to make the tour at high altitude of the central nucleus of the Popera group from hut to hut and the connection with the equipped trails and huts in the Tre Cime di Lavaredo area 

Continuing along the Roghel equipped trail, from the saddle between the Guglie, downhill, along aided ledges inclined to the left and then returning to the right, you will reach the terminal channel and the gravels of Cadin di Stallata, near the Battaglion Cadore bivouac (1.00 h) (total h 3.30).
Leaving the bivouac one hundred meters further down on the left, it crosses the gravels of Cadin di Stallata slightly uphill, shortly after reaching the first fixed ropes of Cengia Gabriella (sign 110). For slightly up and down ledges and some aided passages (with beautiful views of the Dolomites of the Val d’Ansiei) you will travel, at an average altitude of 2300/2400 meters, the south walls of the Giralba di Sotto and di Sopra Mountains. After a descent on fixed ropes and gravels, you will then enter the upper Val Giralba (3.45 hours). From here, downhill to the left you can reach Auronzo di Cadore (1.00 h) and, going up to the right in about 15 minutes, the Carducci Hut (total 7.30 am).

"Bepi Martini" Equipped Trail at the Campanile Colesei

Departure: Selvapiana (Lunelli Hut) or Passo Monte Croce Comelico to the Pian della Biscia fork (Colesei)

Approach: 1.30 h

Ferrata: 1.30 h

Arrival: Croda Sora i Colesei

Return: to Berti Hut sign 122 – 0.45 am

Total: 3.45 hours

Difficulty: Difficult

Beautiful and panoramic route intended for those who have a good technical-physical training. The short-distance via climbing facing east can also be tackled at the beginning / end of the season when at high altitude the equipped trails are generally not passable due to snow and ice. 

From the Pian della Biscia saddle (Colesei) continue the military road south-west (trail sign 124) to the junction for the Berti Hut. Shortly after, on the left, you will find the starting point of the marked path that soon leads to the start of the climbing.  
The equipped trail develops on the east edge of the Campanile Colesei with arrival on the ridge of the Croda Sora i Colesei. From here you can quickly reach the large wooden cross of Croda sora i Colesei on the right (Vallon Popera ring) and descend towards the Berti Hut directly from the Popera fork or through the Creston Popera, Sala refuge, Berti Hut (path 122) h. 0.45 (Vallon Popera ring) 

Roghel Equipped Trail

Departure: Berti Hut

Approach: for the fork of the Guglie – path 109 h 1.00

Ferrata: 1.30 h

Return: on the same route to the Berti Hut h 2.00 (alternatively continuation of Gabriella Ledge)

Total: h 4.30

Difficulty: Difficult

Path intended for those who are looking for solitary places on the edge of the crowded Dolomites. Very beautiful, the equipped trail offers the opportunity to enjoy challenging and exposed passages on good rock and in absolute safety 

From the Berti Hut(table) go down to the stream in a south-westerly direction and, after about 200 meters to the left, begins the ascent of the scree (table, sign. 109 and red signs) through steep hairpin bends which, in an hour, leads to the ‘start of the equipped trail, located at the base of the east wall of the 1st Spire of Stallata, at the foot of the Campanili di Popera (2320 m).
The trail, through fixed ropes, develops in titled ramps towards the right side, bringing you, after a passage on  stirrups, to the median ledge, then reaching, to the right, the edge of the chimney that separates the 1st from the 2nd Spire. For jagged rocks, equipped with fixed ropes, and some passages, facilitated by brackets and pegs (more challenging part of the route), you can reach the panoramic fork between the Guglie (2540 m) (1.30 h). 

Dolomites without borders

High Route that connects 12 equipped routes in the mountains of Comelico, Auronzo, Alta Pusteria, Austria and 17 huts including the Berti Hut

Stages of the High Route:

  1. Lunelli Hut | Berti Hut – Carducci Hut
  2. Carducci Hut – Three Peaks of Lavaredo
  3. Tre Cime Di Lavaredo – Comici Hut
  4. Comici Hut – Prati Di Croda Rossa Hut / Rudi Hut
  5. Prati Di Croda Rossa Hut / Rudi Hut – Berti Hut
  6. Berti Hut – Obstanserseehütte Hut
  7. Obstanserseehütte mountain Hut – Porzehütte mountain Hut
  8. Porzehütte mountain Hut – Filmoor / Stand-Schützenhütte mountain Hut
  9. Filmoor-Standschützenhütte Hefuge – Lunelli Hefuge

Find out more https://www.dolomitisenzaconfini.eu/it/

High Routes n.5 "by Tiziano "

Route starting from Sesto Pusteria Bolzano and arriving in Pieve di Cadore Belluno in 7 days crossing the mountain ranges of Popera, Croda dei Toni, Marmarole, Sorapis and Antelao.

(Photo credits infodolomiti.it)


  1. Comici Hut
  2. Carducci Hut
  3. Ponte Da Rin, Auronzo
  4. Ciareido Hut – Baion Hut
  5. Bivouac Hut Tiziano
  6. Musati and Voltolina bivouac
  7. San Marco Galassi Hut
  8. Antelao Hut

 Local stop :

  • Sesto, Val Pusteria – Comici Hut

Variant :
Giro del Popera : Strada degli Alpini, ascent to the Croda Rossa equipped trail Zandonella, equipped trail Roghel and Gabriella Ledge 

High Route n.9

High Route n.9 is a trail in the heart of the Dolomites that allows you to cross them from west to east in about 15 stages.
The itinerary follows the natural ridge line that starts from Bolzano crossing the Sciliar, the Sassolungo, the Settsass, the peaks of Fanis, the mountains of Cortina: Tofane and Cristallo, continues towards the Cadini di Misurina, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Sesto and Auronzo Dolomites, the Comelico Dolomites and ends in Santo Stefano di Cadore in the Belluno area 

Stages in the Berti Hut area: 

1. Carducci Hut – Berti Hut 
across the Strada degli Alpini h 5.00
alternatively without taking the equipped trails through the Val Fiscalina and the Croda Rossa meadows h 6.00
2. Berti Hut – Piovan Bivouac 
Short crossing on path 153 along the cliffs of Cima Bagni h 1.30 
4. Piovan Bivouac – S.Antonio Pass
easy traverse, path 153, which requires a good sense of orientation, numerous possible ascents on the surrounding peaks
h 2.30 / 3.00
5. S.Antonio Pass – Danta 
short excursion with magnificent views of the Upper Valley del Piave h 1.00
6. Danta – S. Stefano di Cadore 
final stage along a marked and easily identifiable route 1.00 h

7. From S. Stefano return to San Candido by bus

1st stage: from Bolzano to Tires / Bagni di Lavina Bianca

2nd stage: from Tires / Bagni di Lavina Bianca to Bergamo Hut

3rd stage: from Bergamo Hut to Alpe di Tires Hut

4th stage: from Alpe di Tires Hut to Sasso Piatto Hut

5th stage: from Sasso Piatto Hut to the Sella Pass

6th stage: from Passo Sella to Boè Hut

7th stage: from Boè Hut to Franz Kostner Hut

8th stage: from Franz Kostner Hut to Pralongià alpine hut

9th stage: from Pralongià alpine Hut to the Valparola Pass

10th stage: from Valparola  Pass to Lagazuoi Hut

11th stage: from Lagazuoi Hut to Pomedes Hut

12th stage: from Pomedes Hut to Cortina d’Ampezzo

13th stage: from Cortina d’Ampezzo to Son Forca Hut

14th stage: from Son Forca Hut to Col de Varda Hut

15th stage: from Col de Varda Hut to Fonda Savio Hut

16th stage: from Fonda Savio Hut to Auronzo Hut

17th stage: from Auronzo Hut to Antonio Locatelli Hut

18th stage: from Antonio Locatelli Her to Comici Hut

19th stage: from Comici Hut to Berti Hut

20th stage: from Berti to Hut Piovan bivouac

21st stage: from the Piovan bivouac at the Zovo Pass

22nd stage: from Zovo Pass to Danta

23rd stage: from Danta to Santo Stefano

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